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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 12417  SFGTV  January 24, 2017 8:00pm-10:31pm PST

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forward and then moving forward on these intrim control would take into effect. so i'm going to move forward with that amendment today to motion the change to today's date january 24th to an indoor agricultural use and that is the motion before. supervisor kim has made a motion. is there a second supervisor kim has >> i could speak to the motion but that's not why my name is on the roster. supervisor colin. >> i just want to speak to supervisor's kim motion and i hope you will honor my request at the end so this is really important that we're dealing with here. we passed prop 64
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in november and, um, many localities are making decisions for land use for cannabis. but i want to talk about the pipeline date of november 8th in the legislation it was developed based on discussionings and i'd like to see that date remain. in the next six months i would like to see an aggressive effort to develop and to shape the long-term controls regarding the indoor cultivation site so this means not only cult varieties but also the small business owners in the neighborhood. now supervisor kim is proposing a change in the november 8th pipeline. it was done on the possible outreach. we had a long
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conversation about this date and agreed upon november 8th which was appropriate which is when the prop 64 was passed. it has come to my attention probably the last hour that there is a pending application in district ten for an indoor agricultural cannabis facility. i'm concerned about moving forward with these permit. so the changing of the date which trigger and allow this particular agricultural cannabis facility to move forward and we haven't done the proper work to be done with the community and on the ground. i'm asking you not to support supervisor's kim amendment. i believe the city -- safety protocols. facilities and i think that the larger community
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needs more time to weigh-in on this particular item and so for that reason i do not support the amendment instead of pipeline today. these are the changeses we're dealing with the in the southeast. i need to be thoughtful about our approach. >> thank you. and before i finish the discussion here we're at 2:30 p.m. we have a number of special guests in our audience for our commendations and i want to make sure we respect their time and with that we're going to move out of this discussion and return to it after our commendation. we have a laundry list of accommodations. i will start with supervisor aaron.
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>> thank you, madame president. today i have the privilege to honor a woman that has fueled localnd engagement and politics for some five decades. she's a well-known fixer and a beloved author of san francisco fyi which features a roundup of all political events or in some cases -- not that much public interest but everything was there. it has been a phenomenal undertaking and one that when the post is done without compensation but rather as a labor of love. she is one of our grand -- and after her recent declaration that she will be discontinuing the blog spot i want to recognize the
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special contributions that she has made. born in whittier, california, linda originally came from -- sorry for revealing this -- but from a pronixon. and richard nixon actually delivered groceries to linda's grandparents. they watched the inauguration of john f. kennedy and that began her lifelong love with the democratic party. she's been an ambassador to those principles. she was embedded in the second wave of feminism and after reading her first issue of miss manage she sent away for information as how to join now the national organization of women. it was
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her membership and offered her the opportunity to first meet phyllis lion and del martin. she received word that roe versus wade had passed. it was a defining day for her. in 1977 she volunteered and that's where she got sucked into the vortex to be elected supervisor for supervisor kim district six and later joined the women's political caucus. she campaigned for harry brit. she pushed hard for the appointment of mary morgan for judge. but it wasn't until the early 80s
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that i became aware of linda when she began as chair of the local san francisco party or d triple c which we know for better or worst. to endorse in nonpartisan election something that they enjoy to this day. she's been an amazing campaign volunteer on many, many races including my own -- i had to default to that. linda post get up here. thank you for your service. thank you for everything you have done for san francisco. [applause].
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>> i'm simply overwhelmed by what aaron just said because i can't believe it was me. that's what's so wonderful about living here in san francisco. all these opportunities happened to me in san francisco. and i must admit recently i thought about leaving san francisco but after sunday, the march i decided to just keep going. [applause]. >> thank you. >> thank you. all right.
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supervisor. >> linda, don't forget those flowers. >> that was a nice touch supervisor. >> okay now it's my turn. thank you so much for your service and we're glad you will be staying in san francisco. so now it's my turn to honor someone who has been an amazing leader in this great city and when i got the word that she would be stepping down from the police commission i was really saddened. she's been an incredible leader and an incredible inspiration for so many people. she led the city during a difficult time with the san francisco police department and i couldn't let her ^ walkout walk out the door and go into the night without making sure that we
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took this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our former police commission president to the office. please come forward. >> [applause]. >> i'm not used to this. i couldn't just let you walk out the door. some of us remember when susie was appointed in 2012 and it was really a great appointment i think and she became president in 2014: pushing in reform and what's critical in this election of our new police chief during her time in the commission she
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rightfully earned an incredible reputation as someone who is a real hard worker but more importantly someone who was a collaborator. she's been pushing for policies to reform the department ^ overall ^ over all specifically cameras and use of forms. she brought labor to the table, officer interest groups the public defenders office the fclu and community advocates. she has undoubtedly left a positive and lasting impact on our city. the thoughtful policy and meaningful engagement you have improved police accountability during a really challenging time in our
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history. your commitment to compromise, to collaborate and inclusiveness has helped to rebuild the bridge that between san francisco's law enforcement and the community it services. also we will no longer have your leadership in this commission i'm thrilled that you will be lending your leadership and passion tots. therefore it is my pleasure on behalf of the san francisco board of supervisor to recognize for your work and i know that sometimes it seems like it wasn't appreciated but i want you to know that we appreciate it at the board of supervisor. so many people appreciate it and watched you from the sidelines and they may not have told you while you served on the commission but we are here to tell you now. we want to thank you for your hard
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work, for your dedication and countless hours for the city we know you love. thank you on behalf of the supervisor for the commitment on the police commission and your service. we're going to miss you very much, susie. thank you. >> [applause]. >> oh. i'm sorry. before you get started i know that there are other supervisors who would like to just say a few words. supervisor tang. >> thank you so much. i'm so proud to have you here. i see your mom here. hi, mom.
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>> [applause]. >> i see her mom everywhere because you could tell how much her mom has been an inspiration to her and how susie has been supportive of her three girls. i know one of them is named grace and during this time the president of the police commission you demonstrated so much grace. while being under fire and intense scrutiny but not only you but the entire commission i couldn't have thought for a better person than you. i'm glad you are going to be around in city hall. so thank you so much for your service. >> thank you supervisor tang. >> supervisor colin. >> good afternoon, everyone. susie came
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is minimize this so that way you can go here and you want to click where you want it to go. you want to be in the yellow. where they want it an it will transmit to them.
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because if you have drawn it twice perhaps environmental review is required of this project. thank you. supervisor ronin. r-o-n-i-n. let me remind members of public pleas use your spirit fingers and be clear during the
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time when we did a accommodations that was to honor folks. so that appropriate. thank you for your cooperation. speaker: good afternoon. member of the board. i'm lisa gibson acting environmental review officer is for the planning department. thank you supervisor r-o-n-i-n for you're questioning an sharing your thoughts on the progression of this project. an for stating your concerns regarding the where we have landed today. i want to acknowledge on behalf of the planning department that we did not anticipate until today that we would come to the conclusion of rescinding the categorical exam shun. we did so after consideration of the fact that before us an i'd like to briefly recount what we
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know about the process an file of the exemption that is before was before the board today. so. the categorical exception for the project at the 35163526 folsom street is addressed project that included construction of 2 single families homes on 2 vacant lots along the west side of unimproved portion of folsom street to provide utility vehicle an pedestrian access to the site. repeal response dated december 5, 2016 responding in detail to the issues raised in the november 14, 2016 appeal letter. our response indicated that the planning department continued to find that the project fits within the categorical exam shun and that the appellate had to the provided reasonable possible the project would have an
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affect on the environment due to unusual circumstances. appellant cents in 2 supplemental appeal letters that are not address in the our appeal respond. one was the supplemental letters dated december second and the other is dated december 12. there is information in appeal letters that includes a concern that construction generated ground vibration related to excavation an bedrock could negatively impact the inn {teg} activity of the pipeline 109 in proximity to areas where gound disturbance would occur. the planning department agrees this concern mayor receipts further investigation accordingly we rest send cad ex so the planning department would have the opportunity to have additional analysis of reasonable possibility of
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significant environmental effect due to unusual circumstances. and we are specifically feeling that the area in which we need to {-p} could duct further analysis is related to potential vibratory impact. and i guess i would -- if i may. speaker: supervise or i would just say your admission this letter was dated december 12. today is january 24. so this is not new information. this is information that has been in the record for quite some time. again, i'm going to doubly express my frustration and i would just say that if you -- perhaps more environmental review is required of this project because if you are finding that there's an unusual circumstance that requires additional investigation on the environmental impact of this project perhaps a cad ex is not appropriate. thank you.
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[bettina shuford:] thank you and seeing no other names on the roster we will move forward with this particular hearing. we will probably need to tackle this item is there a motion on the floor to table the item? [bettina shuford:] madam president you will take public comment ? [bettina shuford:] yes after motion. thank you. since ed cad ex was withdrawn i will table the item. [bettina shuford:] supervisor made a motion to table. is there any member of public who specifically would like to talk about the table link of the item? unfortunately we will not be able to hear any comment specific to the project only the table link. thank you please come forward. [bettina shuford:] my name is cathy angus. i'm co chair of the
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burn height organization. we only deal with a few laws. well a number of laws lots that are vacant north of pow what the an street in bernal height for the last 25 years. this is the only the second time he appealed anything to the board of supes an we've been working on it for years. and we've been here over and over. we've been to the planning commission over an {o*fr} because of the it was rescind. there is new concerns an new concerns and we don't really understand why an environmental review is not required at this point. it makes more sense to us -- i had to get subs for 4 days this year so i can come to hearings. it seems really unfair. and so we feel that i'm pretty sure speak for all the people that have been working for us it is time to just say we need environmental review. we don't have to come back an discuss. we need to get the environmental
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review. so. i just wanted to make that statement. and hope that you will agree. thank you very much. [bettina shuford:] next speaker please. [bettina shuford:] good afternoon supervisor. shawn. i too would like to echo my frustrations. everything to do with this pipeline the size, the bulk the density the pressure. the code of safe practices the regulations the policies the procedures the location. including the safe practices are above an beyond any of your expert {taoesz} {z}. we have an entire section of our government that regulates this. it's called pg&e. and we've been here 2 years now. waiting for 2 single family houses. who can explain
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that to the mother of these children? where they are going to live an what's going to happen here? all because {tkpwafs} line be a which the projects sponsors have agreed to follow the regulations. the policies the procedures and the code of safe practices implemented by pg&e the experts. and if they are agreeing to follow those and we are agreeing that it's ground vibrations [aren'taround] that pipe where is the problem? we would gladly volunteers these procedures be we are not the experts. i can think of some. we can wrap in this concrete an put steel plates on them but we are not the experts and we respect that pg&e is the {spaerpbts} nobody can get this project to pg&e until it leaves this room. my voice of frustration. speaker: thank you and let me
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remind members of the public that this is public comment specifically on the tabling of this item. and so if you can keep your comments specifically to the purpose of what the tabling specifically as it relates to the context of the larger item that would be appreciated. that you think. [bettina shuford:] my name is linda
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